Saturday, January 19, 2008

It's for the children

Breaking the silence for a good cause. Go here, read and donate if you can. I don't know Chris and Mel personally but I've enjoyed their blog for quite a while and went through something similar (though not nearly to the extreme they have) when I was divorced. I won sole custody of my children. I pray that they can beat this and say the same thing soon.

Here's a quick sinopsis (courtesy of Gwa.45 and Kim DuToit:

The short story:---------------------

Cliff Notes: Mel’s ex-husband has been trying to get custody of the kids for years. Every argument he’s made has been tossed out on its ass. Now he’s appealed to the 9th Circuit in SanFran, asking for the case to be transferred to CANADA. The argument he’s using is that Chris and Mel have an “unsafe environment” for the kids because of their guns. Needless to say, the GFW argument has failed in AZ, but in Canada?

Chris and Mel need about $30K in the next couple of weeks to pay their lawyer to go to SF and argue their case. Please help them.---------------------

{Cliff's notes cribbed from Kim duToit}

Give these folks a hand, money is nice but prayers are welcome also.

LS --

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